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Information for Outpatients


What should I bring to my outpatient appointment?


1. A list of your medication with the doses - e.g. Paracetamol 500mg twice a day

2. A friend or relative will be helpful for the doctor to speak to if you have any of the following

     a. Blackouts

     b. Memory Symptoms

3. A friend or relative if you just want someone to help you listen to what is being said. They will be allowed to come in to the room with you

4. A list of problems you wanted to make sure you told the doctor about and questions you wanted answered


How long will my appointment be?

It depends why you are being seen.


Neurology new patient appointments are usually 25-30 minutes long

Neurology follow up appointments are 10-15 minutes long


Neurosurgery appointments tends to be shorter than this.


Who will I see?

Your letter will give you the name of your consultant. You will either see the consultant or a senior member of his team (Specialist Registrar).


How do I get there?



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