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The  Lothian Neurological Voices are a group of patients and carers, committed  to working  together to improve care and services for people with neurological problems across Lothian. They are part of a national initiative  by  the Neurological Alliance Scotland.


Membership of the group is open to patients and carers who are, or have been affected by a neurological condition and live in the Lothian region.  They must also have participated in a Neurological Alliance Voices Training  course.


Members are involved in a personal capacity and  do not formally represent or report to any Condition Specific Organisation.   Although people can draw upon what happened when they were treated, the role is to consider, reflect and offer opinion on issues affecting patient care. It is not about any one persons story alone.




The purpose of the Group is to work in partnership with NHS Lothian (and potentially other organisations) to provide advice, constructive criticism, views and experiences of people living with a range of neurological conditions in order to:


1.Shape and inform the drafting of Neurological service development plans and priorities for Lothian.


2.Identify gaps in service provision, help and advice which  should be prioritised in the implementation plan.


3.Ensure that plans and developments focus on patient and carer needs


4.Review and comment as requested on policy documents, patient information leaflets and any Neurological service matter in which user input might be helpful.


Current members of the Group are;


Joan Kerr  

Annie Mackenzie

Patrick Mark

Alison Ritchie

Janice Thompson











Lothian Neurological Voices