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Clinical neuropsychology involves the assessment and treatment of the cognitive, emotional, behavioural and psychosocial consequences of neurological illness.  



DCN Clinical Neuropsychology Service


We provide a neuropsychology service to people aged 16 or over and their carers and families who are under the care of the DCN.


This includes working on a 1:1 basis with indiviudal patients for assessment and treatment or providing consultation, training and supervision to other members of the clinical team in their work with patients and families.  We also undertake clinical research.  


We work across all neurological conditions.  We regularly have Assistant Psychologists and Trainee Clinical Psychologists working with us.


Who are we ?


Dr David Gillespie, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist


Dr Sarah Gillanders, Clinical Neuropsychologist


Who can use this service?


Anyone aged 16 or over with a diagnosed or suspected neurological condition who is a Department of Clinical Neuroscience patient where the neurological condition is causing problems that can be helped by psychological approaches.


We see people as a priority when there is significant acute psychological distress,  urgent occupational problems such as risk of job loss, family or relationship breakdowns or crises, when neuro-rehabilitation such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy is being held back because of cognitive or emotional reasons or when people are vulnerable or at high risk from others or towards others.  


Access to the service


Access to this service is by referral from a member of the clinical team within DCN.  




Neurorehabilitation Neuropsychology Service



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The neurorehabilitation neuropsychology service is based at the Astley Ainslie Hospital in Edinburgh but the service covers the whole of Lothian and occasional referrals of people from other health board areas.


We work with people with brain injury, stroke and other neurological conditions as in-patients and out-patients.  We help to assess the effects of the neurological condition on the person's thinking ability, emotions and mood.  This helps the individual and their families to have a better understanding of of the effects of their neurological condition and what can be done to make the most of their abilities and to help recovery. Maintaining a patient-centred and needs based approach is a key aim of our service.


The service works with patients and staff in the in-patient neurorehabilitation units: the Charles Bell and Lanfine .  


Our out-patient service takes referrals as well as following up people after discharge from the inpatient wards.  We work closely with the Neurorehabilitation Out-patient Specialist Team, the CRABIS team in West Lothian and the Lanfine service for people with progressive neurological conditions.


Who are we ?


Dr Joanna Gouick, Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist and Consultant Lead for Lothian Clinical Neuropsychology Services


Dr Emma Williams, Clinical Psychologist (Neuropsychology) - Lead for CRABIS


Dr Blanca Poveda, Clinical Psychology (Neuropsychology)- Lead for AAH Neurorehabilitation Service


Nicola Gillespie, Clinical Psychologist (Neuropsychology)



We often have Trainee Clinical Psychologists on placement in the service.


How to contact us:


Contact: Neuropsychology Service, Department of Clinical Psychology, Astley Ainslie Hospital, 133, Grange Loan, Edinburgh, EH9 2HL.  

Direct DIal 0131 537 9140

Fax 0131 537 9120








































Neurorehabilitation Neuropsychology Service











The Neuropsychology Team



Dr David Gillespie  

Consultant Neuropsychologist  









Dr Sarah Gillanders