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Speech and language therapy

The Adult Speech and Language Therapy service aims to help patients and carers with problems relating to communication and eating/drinking and swallowing.


These are usually as a result of a neurological condition, but sometimes the diagnosis is unclear or the condition may be a functional problem.


Typical communication problems we see:

•Slurred/unclear speech

•Jumbled articulation

•Problems with fluency e.g. stumbling on words/stammering which is new

•Problems with voice

•Problems with language e.g. word-finding, constructing sentences, understanding spoken language, reading and writing

•Problems with communication which are related to “thinking problems” e.g. changing topic inappropriately, poor turntaking, becoming repetitive, saying very little.


Eating, drinking and swallowing problems:

We see people with problems which stem from difficulty moving /co-ordinating the swallow mechanism in the mouth and throat. Patients may experience coughing or choking, food sticking or may have difficulty with particular textures of food/fluids.


Where do we see patients?

We see patients in a number of environments around all areas of Lothian including hospital, rehabilitation units, outpatients, day centres and in nursing or individuals’ homes.


How to access Speech and Language Therapy Services:


If you are a patient:

•In hospital: speak to the ward doctors/nurses. They will contact us.

•When you leave hospital: the Speech and Language Therapist will make  the transfer/follow up arrangements for you

•In the community: speak to your GP. You can also self refer, but we will contact your GP about you.

•If you attend Specialist nurse clinics or are known to one of the specialist nurse teams, they can refer you to us


If you are a healthcare professional contact details for the teams are available



Referrals are prioritised according to urgency and need.


Who’s Who

Head of Adult Speech and Language Therapy:

Lucie McAnespie Tel: 0131 446 4151

Service Leads:

Moira Little: Acute Services Tel:0131 242 1967

Vacancy: Community and Rehabilitation Services       Tel: 0131 537 9577

Clinical Leads:

Diane Fraser: Neurology and Neurosurgery  Tel: 0131 537 1295

Ann- Marie Pringle: Acquired Brain Injury Rehabilitation Tel 0131 537 9071

Sheena Borthwick: Stroke  Tel: 0131 537 3319





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